Onyx And Green Recycled Newspaper Pencils

10 Recycled Newspaper Pencils

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Pencils made from newspaper! These pencils prevent deforestation and reduce landfill waste by putting newspaper to a second use. Great for arts and crafts, school, home and the office.

These packs of 10 pencils are made from recycled newspaper. They come pre-sharpened and are packaged in recycled kraft paper with soy-based ink.
Onyx and Green is constantly looking for the latest innovations in eco-friendly materials that can be used on a daily basis to help reduce carbon emissions and counter the extreme climate change that threatens our planet. They use renewable and recyclable materials that have been sustainably harvested in the production of their school and office supplies.
Recycled Newspaper with Standard Pencil Graphite.
The packaging is made from recycled kraft paper with soy-based ink.
These pencils are made from recycled newspaper and can be used down to the end to eliminate waste. The packaging is fully recyclable.