Travel Tins | Matte Gold | Set of 2
Travel Tins | Matte Gold | Set of 2
Travel Tins | Matte Gold | Set of 2

Travel Tins | Matte Gold | Set of 2

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Our new + improved travel tins (sold as a pair) are the perfect zero-waste, high-style vessel, for transporting your hair bars around town, or while traveling afar. Pop your dry bars into these matte gold beauties, and toss them in your carry-on to breeze through airport security, or simply use them to bring your bars to the gym for a good sweat session!

With a fresh design concept, our travel tins work to further protect your precious bars between lathers, while on-the-go! The addition of bar lifts in the bottom of the tins, helps to allow the bars to dry while in transit extending the life of your bars. However, they do not replace a bar dish with drainage, which should be used when you reach your destination. Our bar dishes are an excellent light-weight option for caring for your bars while in use travelling, or are a great staple in your daily shower routine!

Seamlessly constructed with 0.4mm aluminum (BPA-free), and with rounded edges that are rust resistant. However they do not have an internal plastic lining, therefore certain substances may cause the material to corrode. These travel tins should last for years to come, however, if end of life does occur, our tins are 100% recyclable.
Hair bars last longest and perform best when allowed to dry between uses. As such, we do not recommend storing the bars in these travel tins while wet for long periods of time, or using as an in-shower holder. The bars do best when left to dry on a simple bar dish with drainage, away from spraying water while not in use. If the bars are wet and need to be stowed quickly, gently pat dry with a towel to limit excess water in the tin to maintain longevity of the bars.

Shampoo bar tin (large) = 2.8 inches round by 1.3 inches high. Conditioner bar tin (small) = 2.3 inches round by 1 inch high.
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free.
  • Products are plastic free and compostable.
  • All packaging is sourced from 100% recycled paper products to cut-down on the impact of virgin paper manufacturing and distribution.
0.4mm aluminum (BPA-free)
A sustainable alternative to plastic travel cases and plastic ziplock bags.
This product is package free.
This product is recyclable in metal recycling.