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It takes 66 days on average to create a new habit, keep it up with those Zero Waste New Years Resolutions! We are here to help with some added discounts!

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Swedish Dishcloths

Scandinavia's Favorite Kitchen Essential. Just one replaces 17 rolls of paper towels! Designs that spread love not trash!

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Starting those spring seedlings? Add charm to your garden and indoor potted plants with these wooden identification labels.

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NEW Huppy Toothpaste Tablets

Over 20 billions tubes of toothpaste are produced each year. That's an astonishing amount of waste in the landfill. Opt out of plastic with these great tasting tooth tablets!

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Fer A Cheval French Soap

Traditional soap by the oldest Marseille soap maker in Marseille, France - Fer a Cheval Savonnerie. Highly versatile from skin care to housekeeping.

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New Oxygen Brightener Refills!

Free of chemicals, toxins, and no plastic containers! Get this bleach alternative now as a refill today or start off with a reusable metal container. No waste here!

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What is a sustainable Swap?

Eco Friendly Products
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Learn more about the 5 R's on the Eco Logic Blog
Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot

Committed to Plastic Free

The recognition of plastic pollution in our oceans, parks, and communities has inspired a zero waste movement around the world. We are fully on board and specialize in finding plastic replacements for your daily needs.

Zero Waste Instructions

Let's reduce waste together! To do our part for a circular economy, we've provided materials and end of life instructions for every item, so you know exactly what can be recycled, reused, or returned to the earth!

Our Partners Inspire Us

We are so grateful to partner with creative people working to make production processes healthier for our planet and its people. Read about their efforts in the sustainability tab on each product page.

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