Beechwood Soap Dish
Beechwood Soap Dish

Beechwood Soap Dish

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This soap dish drastically extends the life of your natural soap bar. Made from reclaimed beechwood.

Standard size is 4"long, 2.75" wide, 3/4" thick.
Larger size is 8" long, 2.75" wide, 3/4" thick.

Handmade with repurposed beechwood and made to last for years. Beechwood is a resilient wood when it comes to water and natural moisture-wicking, making it work well for preserving your soap. The minimal surface area of this dish keeps the soap from sticking and the wide-angled indentations allows water to quickly drain away, increasing the life-span of your soap.

Use your soap dishes in pairs to extend the life of the dish. Use one dish for 2-3 weeks, and then switch it out with a second dish while allowing the first dish to completely dry out. Switch your soap dishes out every 2-3 weeks and you will find your soap and your dish will last much longer.

Standard size is 4" long, 2.75" wide, 3/4" thick.
Larger size is 8" long, 2.75" wide, 3/4" thick.
  • Data from the Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) prepared by the USDA Forest Service shows U.S. beechwood to be one of the top sustainably managed wood species in the USA with a healthy growth rate.
  • Not only is this soap dish made from a sustainable wood, but it is also handmade with reclaimed beechwood scraps. This decreases the demand for newly sourced lumber and gives new purpose to something that might have otherwise been discarded.
Handmade from repurposed beechwood.
This item replaces plastic and synthetic soap dishes.
This product is package free.
This product is compostable.